Bhai Ghanyaa and Seva

Bhai Ghanyaa was a very devout Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh. He had a tender heart and was very peace loving person. He was always seen busy doing Seva (Service) in Guru's Darbar. Whenever enemy forces attacked the Sikhs and battles were fought to protect the Sikhs, he would go to the battle field along with his co-workers to serve water and to provide the needed help to the wounded for their recovery from serious wounds.

He helped all the wounded persons, the Sikhs as well as the people belonging to the enemy forces. This Seva (Service) activity helped many Sikhs and the enemy people recover faster. They would get ready to fight again.

Some Sikhs saw Bhai Ghanyaa serving water to the wounded enemy soldiers. They complained to Guru Ji that Bhai Ghanyaa is serving water to the wounded enemy soldiers. This helps the wounded enemy soldiers to recover faster. They then start fighting us again.

Guru ji called for Bhai Ghanyaa in his Darbar (Court) and asked Bhai Ghanya to explain why he is serving water to the wounded enemies.

Bhai Ghanyaa, very humbly and politely replied that following the principles of "Seva" I do not distinmguish the Sikhs from the Muslims and see God in all of them. Guru Ji, I see your image in all the people, regardless of the fact that they are fighting against us. This is the reason why I am serving water and helping them all.

Guru Ji was very pleased and gave Bhai Ghanyaa bandages and other ointments to Bhai Ghanyaa and asked him to clean the wounds of the fighters, apply ointment and use bandages for the wounded Sikhs as well as the enemies in addition to serving them with water.

A Quick Review of Bhai Ghanyaa and Seva


1. Who was Bhai Ghanyaa and how he kept himself busy in life?

2. Why did some Sikhs complained to Guru ji against Bhai Ghanyaa?

3. Why Bhai Ghanyaa was serving water to the enemy soldiers as well?

4. Why Guru Ji was happy after listening to the reply of Bhai Ghanyaa?

5. What was the respone given by Bhai Ghanyaa?

6. What did Guru Ji say to Bhai Ghanyaa after listening to his response?

7. Would you like to be like Bhai Ghanyaa?

8. What lessons we learn from this story?

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