Guru Nanak Visits Mecca

Once, Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to visit Mecca, the holiest place of the Muslims. He travelled with his companions in green robes, the dress and colour used by Muslims. On reaching there in the evening, they were all tired and they laid down to sleep on a huge marble platform surrounding the mosque. While sleeping, Guru’s feet turned to the direction of Kaba, the holiest place for the Muslims.

In the early morning, a Maulvi was horrified to see Guru Nanak Dev Ji sleeping with his feet pointing in the direction of Kaba, the holiest site, which is believed to be the house of God according to the belief system of the Muslims. He became extremely angry and kicked Guru Nanak very hard saying,” You, the infidel, how dare you sleep with your feet pointing towards Kaba, the house of God?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji immediately sat up and said in a calm and polite voice “Please drag my feet to the direction where you believe God is not present. Maulvi was a well read and wise person. He immediately understood from the answer given by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and he was left speechless. He realized that God is everywhere and resides in His entire creation.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked Bhai Mardana to play on the Rebab and he started singing some verses, praising the almighty God, Who is present everywhere and not confined to a particular place or direction.

Maulvi and all other people realized their mistake and sat down to listen to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Keertan.

A Quick Review of Guru Nanak Visits Mecca


Q: Why was Maulvi speechless?

Q: What did you learn from this story?

Q: Is there any holy place of the Sikhs and which one?

Q: Does God reside only at the holy place(s) of the Sikhs?

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