The Guru calls himself as “the slave of all creation.” :

 The Guru calls himself as “the slave of all creation.” :- [1. GGS pp. 254, 377, 844].


See, that even by calculating and scheming in their minds, people must surely depart in the end.

Hopes and desires for transitory things are erased for the Gurmukh; O Nanak! the Name alone brings true health. || 1 ||


Chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe with each and every breath; meditate on Him forever.

How can you rely on the body? Do not delay, my friend; there is nothing to stand in Death’s way — neither in childhood, nor in youth, nor in old age.

That time is not known, when the noose of Death shall come and fall on you.

See, that even spiritual scholars, those who meditate, and those who are clever shall not stay in this place.

Only the fool clings to that, which everyone else has abandoned and left behind.

By Guru’s Grace, one who has such good destiny written on his forehead remembers the Lord in meditation.

O Nanak! blessed and fruitful is the coming of those who obtain the Beloved Lord as their Husband. || 19 ||


I have searched all the Shaastras and the Vedas, and they say nothing except this: “In the beginning, throughout the ages, now and forevermore, O Nanak! the One Lord alone exists.” || 1 ||


Put this into your mind, that there is no one except the Lord.

There never was, and there never shall be.

He is pervading everywhere.

You shall be absorbed into Him, O mind! if you come to His Sanctuary.

In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, only the Naam, the Naam of the Lord, shall be of any real use to you.

So many work and are slave continually, but they come to regret and repent in the end.

Without devotional worship of the Lord, how can they find stability?

They alone taste the supreme essence, and drink in the Ambrosial Nectar, O Nanak! unto whom the Lord, the Guru, gives it. || 20 ||


He has counted all the days and the breaths, and placed them in people’s destiny; they do not increase or decrease one little bit.

Those who long to live in doubt and emotional attachment, O Nanak! are total fools. || 1 ||


(Spiritual) Death seizes those whom God has made into faithless cynics.

They are born (Spiritually) and they die (Spiritually), enduring countless lives; they do not realize the Lord, the Supreme Soul.

They alone find spiritual wisdom and meditation, whom the Lord blesses with His Mercy; no one is emancipated by counting and calculating.

The vessel of clay shall surely break. They alone live, who, while alive, meditate on the Lord.

They are respected, O Nanak! and do not remain hidden. || 21 ||


Focus your consciousness on His Lotus Feet, His Gur Shabad, and the inverted lotus of your heart shall blossom forth.

The Lord of the Universe Himself becomes manifest, O Nanak! through the Teachings of the Saints. || 1 ||


Blessed, blessed is that day, when I became attached to the Lord’s Lotus Feet ( (Spirituality inducing lessons), Lord's Gur Shabad.

After wandering around in the four quarters ( all over ) and the ten directions, God showed His Mercy to me, and then I obtained the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

By pure lifestyle and meditation, all duality is removed.

In the Saadh Sangat (Congregation), the Company of the Holy, the mind becomes immaculate.

Anxieties are forgotten, and the One Lord alone is seen, O Nanak! by those whose eyes are anointed with the ointment of spiritual wisdom. || 22 ||


The heart is cooled and soothed, and the mind is at peace, chanting and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe.

Show such Mercy, O God! that Nanak may become the slave of Your slaves. || 1 ||


I am Your child-slave. I am the water-carrier of the slave of Your slaves.


I long to become the (humble servant) dust under the feet of Your Saints.

Please shower me with Your Mercy, O Lord God!

I have given up my excessive cleverness and scheming, and I have taken the support of the Saints as my mind’s support.

Even a puppet of ashes attains the supreme status, O Nanak! if it has the help and support of the Saints. || 23 ||


Practicing oppression and tyranny, he puffs himself up; he acts in corruption with his frail, perishable body.

He is bound by his egotistical intellect; O Nanak! salvation comes only through the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 ||


JAJJA: When someone, in his ego, believes that he has become something, he is caught in his error, like a parrot in a trap.

When he believes, in his ego, that he is a devotee and a spiritual teacher, then, in the world hereafter, the Lord of the Universe shall have no regard for him at all.

When he believes himself to be a preacher, he is merely a peddler wandering over the earth. But one who conquers his ego in the Company of the Holy, O Nanak! meets the Lord. || 24 ||

[1. GGS pp. 254, 377, 844].

 The Guru calls himself as “the slave of all creation.” :- [1. GGS pp. 254, 377, 844].

ਸਲੋਕੁ ॥ ਗਨਿ ਮਿਨਿ ਦੇਖਹੁ ਮਨੈ ਮਾਹਿ ਸਰਪਰ ਚਲਨੋ ਲੋਗ ॥

ਆਸ ਅਨਿਤ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਮਿਟੈ ਨਾਨਕ ! ਨਾਮ ਅਰੋਗ ॥੧॥

ਪਉੜੀ ॥

ਗਗਾ ਗੋਬਿਦ ਗੁਣ ਰਵਹੁ ਸਾਸਿ ਸਾਸਿ ਜਪਿ ਨੀਤ ॥

ਕਹਾ ਬਿਸਾਸਾ ਦੇਹ ਕਾ ਬਿਲਮ ਨ ਕਰਿਹੋ ਮੀਤ ॥

ਨਹ ਬਾਰਿਕ ਨਹ ਜੋਬਨੈ ਨਹ ਬਿਰਧੀ ਕਛੁ ਬੰਧੁ ॥

ਓਹ ਬੇਰਾ ਨਹ ਬੂਝੀਐ ਜਉ ਆਇ ਪਰੈ ਜਮ ਫੰਧੁ ॥

ਗਿਆਨੀ ਧਿਆਨੀ ਚਤੁਰ ਪੇਖਿ ਰਹਨੁ ਨਹੀ ਇਹ ਠਾਇ ॥

ਛਾਡਿ ਛਾਡਿ ਸਗਲੀ ਗਈ ਮੂੜ ਤਹਾ ਲਪਟਾਹਿ ॥

ਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ਸਿਮਰਤ ਰਹੈ ਜਾਹੂ ਮਸਤਕਿ ਭਾਗ ॥

ਨਾਨਕ ! ਆਏ ਸਫਲ ਤੇ ਜਾ ਕਉ ਪ੍ਰਿਅਹਿ ਸੁਹਾਗ ॥੧੯॥

ਸਲੋਕੁ ॥

ਘੋਖੇ ਸਾਸਤ੍ਰ ਬੇਦ ਸਭ ਆਨ ਨ ਕਥਤਉ ਕੋਇ ॥

ਆਦਿ ਜੁਗਾਦੀ ਹੁਣਿ ਹੋਵਤ ਨਾਨਕ ! ਏਕੈ ਸੋਇ ॥੧॥

ਪਉੜੀ ॥

ਘਘਾ ਘਾਲਹੁ ਮਨਹਿ ਏਹ ਬਿਨੁ ਹਰਿ ਦੂਸਰ ਨਾਹਿ ॥

ਨਹ ਹੋਆ ਨਹ ਹੋਵਨਾ ਜਤ ਕਤ ਓਹੀ ਸਮਾਹਿ ॥

ਘੂਲਹਿ ਤਉ ਮਨ ਜਉ ਆਵਹਿ ਸਰਨਾ ॥

ਨਾਮ ਤਤੁ ਕਲਿ ਮਹਿ ਪੁਨਹਚਰਨਾ ॥

ਘਾਲਿ ਘਾਲਿ ਅਨਿਕ ਪਛੁਤਾਵਹਿ ॥

ਬਿਨੁ ਹਰਿ ਭਗਤਿ ਕਹਾ ਥਿਤਿ ਪਾਵਹਿ ॥

ਘੋਲਿ ਮਹਾ ਰਸੁ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤੁ ਤਿਹ ਪੀਆ ॥

ਨਾਨਕ ! ਹਰਿ ਗੁਰਿ ਜਾ ਕਉ ਦੀਆ ॥੨੦॥

ਸਲੋਕੁ ॥

ਙਣਿ ਘਾਲੇ ਸਭ ਦਿਵਸ ਸਾਸ ਨਹ ਬਢਨ ਘਟਨ ਤਿਲੁ ਸਾਰ ॥

ਜੀਵਨ ਲੋਰਹਿ ਭਰਮ ਮੋਹ ਨਾਨਕ ! ਤੇਊ ਗਵਾਰ ॥੧॥

ਪਉੜੀ ॥

ਙੰਙਾ ਙ੍ਰਾਸੈ ਕਾਲੁ ਤਿਹ ਜੋ ਸਾਕਤ ਪ੍ਰਭਿ ਕੀਨ ॥

ਅਨਿਕ ਜੋਨਿ ਜਨਮਹਿ ਮਰ$"7yH iZu c0RIeYY9=`ܦtd 1^x.N@YDArn.!#{zFBڰTѴƓ@_{H$D֮˵w)(b+];TEHO942[i}\n WT<`Q8d%\? ">m@W2E9>׍e]CkܬΉ{nj *8TW1 ,ŝget ؆@ ਧਨਿTOuAS\βUVn3H󪽎С:& J(׬H$gPB=ؖxLQMd0xț9sQ_YhF7n}% #d@30 T >$Šʒ"k{ਅ੍TrA?$dT45tԅbZr{3J~M+ਚਾਰ ਬਿਞਾਰ ਬਿਨਸਿਓ ਸਭ ਦੂਆ `

ਰਾਧਸੰਗਿ ਦਨੁ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਹੂ ॥

ਗ਼ੰਤ ਿਸਾਰੀ ਏਕւ{Wsk=X:}lWJ<+YwIɇU S'Ů~nTG2>w v4 ,(6 ਨੇਤ੍ਰਾ॥੨੨॥

ਸਲੋੁ ॥ _gŝ=5}B?Hyc 1DQfd0F+'Ó\2;3 E⩓z"(fT@on7QEPC(ڷH GTzgae( cxYt0,&ਾ ਕਰਹੁ ਭਗਵੰ9/ˇQ*P^Cw~}A&3BgPjv \zf5c3x<0rR^ݓՑ5 pnĘ ?l y]u#8oCkD0MAYQ0)韬h 1ੁ ਕੀ ਪੁਤਰ ਪਰR= riWਾਈ ॥

ਨਾਨਕ !ਜਾ ਕਉ ਸੰਤ ਸਹਾਈ ॥੨੩॥

ਸਲੋਕੁ ॥

ਜੋਰ ਜੁਲਮ ਫੂਲਹਿ ਘਨੋ ਕਾਚੀ ਦ䩇ਹ ਬਿਕਾਰ ॥

ਅਹੰਬੁਧਿ ਬੰਧਨ ਰੇ ਨਾਨਕ ! ਨਾਮ ਛੁਟਾਰ ॥੧॥

ਪਉੜੀ 䥥 

ਜਜਾ ਜਾਨੈ ਹ2ԽrN?l n]tN,MAl'kF0IYf9`ܫ5G-1Nf`ȡ@G!o ?&b!){zGY`t8"y{-+`3la^l}Wj#hY^%\Non C(+f4S,inS<6NEne4 شH zҠ_y")sV{۰Ͻ"-n>7Y'2R44S}HJh50S~#i=@v uـd3Tnɀbmɦ)gVbyتF223 Dܩ0-~4W G0W@a?T6WoB!\"{Ps MZi:Rݗ̖835ѥfŖQ\3%7xQ|t}nYu'׺[p_1A=6Lby }m/%kP,ǹK\\mҎ=|E]4RTB/"$dUE+j˵wϽ1)h$dS4RqϯP-C3_YYȔn %2U11ٱ\奸Yo5MZy]nZZ pc#577hS2p *Cw̳zyU.@gb21nCE_9);*f¸X94 wƘs:[?fVr=WYw%;E{tR^\p HTU8G~ONݟ Ab=v@' Җnhl+H[HqKվVSVS(gG}'́3`/½LvBk-&YNE+_7Vj%|y&m4|r~K0imG>6 qtHYʟ$݆vsfP}i o(v,*qSm$GR >XN,nKhfNbҒMX2[A;ijJUeN Pw?5vf/5{j*NG#ȅ}_J(_3: